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South-East Londoner Cosima released here debut EP, South of Heaven, in 2016. Three years later she launched her own record label, South of Heaven Records. Presenting a compelling catalogue of work, including ballads like R U Lonely 2 and an emotional seven-track EP, The Fun Is Here?, whether “making it” or “listening to it” the Singer/Songwriter/Producer considers music one of her greatest indulgences. 
In this Q+A, the musician indulges us with a shortlist some of her favourite female writers, defines her sound, and hints at what we can expect from her next release… 
Describe your ‘sound’ in three words… 

An exposed nerve.

To what do you attribute your musical style?  

My life, my emotions. Everything I’ve ever heard that has moved me. Everything I have ever felt that needed expressing. 

What inspired you to create your record label, South of Heaven Records

What the music industry does to strong-willed women or tries to in some cases. Being a woman in a male world. Watching businessmen dissect butterflies. 

A key moment that changed/sparked your career trajectory…

The moment I realised I was willing to walk away from everything for freedom, many times over. 

What is your most memorable scent association?

The smell of washing windows on a Sunday and listening to Nat King Cole. 

Do you have a signature scent, or do you prefer the idea of a fragrance wardrobe?  

I’m a shapeshifter, sometimes I want to smell soft and hyperfeminine, sometimes I like something more masculine. Sometimes something that lingers after I leave; sometimes nothing. My favourite scent is quite possibly smelling like the person you just said goodbye to who you know you will miss.

Your greatest indulgence is…

Music. Making it. Listening to it. 

Where do you go to decompress/get inspired?

In every city I go to I find the art reference library. 

The cinema, alone. 

The right pair of arms.

A book you’d recommend everyone read…

Another Country by James Baldwin. Or any Tennessee Williams play.

Who are some of your favourite female writers?

Lorraine Hansbury; Anaïs Nin; Lucia Berlin; Claudia Durastanti; Janis Ian; Dolly Parton; Tammy Wynette.

Who/what is inspiring you right now?

Somebody. The course of my life, making sense of the past. Accepting it and reimagining the future. 

Your favourite part of the music-making process is… 

The moment that the song you are writing starts to make sense. 

Things you’re excited about for the future…

I’m so excited to see what the songs I am working on will turn into. I’m excited to meet them. 

What can we expect from your next release?